Membership Benefits - Banner Ads

Member benefits that come with your Premium Membership in APITLAmerica® include our "Members-Only" opportunity to purchase a banner ad for display on our website. Banner ads are displayed to anyone visiting the Accident Victims and Survivors web page. The banner ads will be displayed when a visitor chooses a state to view Federal, State and member lawyer information. They are provided to give crash victims and survivors quick & easy access to additional sources of information regarding their specific factual situation, and also serve as a source of lawyer to lawyer communication and information. For example, see the Missouri lawyer listing. (The order that banner ads appear changes with each page visit.)

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by choosing Premium as your membership type during the Membership Sign-Up process (click here to access the membership form). Cost for one banner ad for one year is $1200.00, cost for two banner ads (in two different state lawyer listings) per year is $2400.00, and so on. You may purchase up to ten banner ads in ten different states per year.

Please read the following about the banner ad image:

Access to an image processing application, such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop will be necessary to create such an image file.

  • A banner ad is a graphical image file that might include things like your logo or law firm's name.
  • Formats must be saved in either a .JPG or .GIF format
  • Dimensions for the image must be 223 x 55 in pixels, and 72 dpi.
  • An example of a banner ad is below. Please right-click to save this image to your desktop, as a template for your ad:

NEED HELP? Click here to ask for help creating a banner ad for your firm.

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