Car with Six Occupants Rear-ended by 18-Wheeler

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92nd District Court; Hidalgo County, Texas

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Homer Salinas

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Agustin Lara

Sex: Male

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The accident occurred Oct. 17, 1994, in Amarillo when an 18-wheeler driven by IBP employee Dalton Eugene Haywood struck the rear of Agustin Lara's 1982 Buick. Lara and five other family members in the car suffered injuries.

Lara and his family filed suit in Hidalgo County's 92nd District Court, alleging that IBP had been negligent in hiring an incompetent driver. The complaint also accused IBP of failing to exercise ordinary care when it entrusted the truck to Haywood.

The plaintiffs claimed Haywood, who admitted to driving at a high rate of speed and not properly looking out, was operating the truck under the influence of marijuana and was kept on the job by IBP even after IBP discovered he was on parole for a felony drug conviction.

Pretrial negotiations eventually led to the settlement. Judge Salinas signed the judgment Aug. 13, 1996.

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The plaintiffs sought various damages, including physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss of consortium and disfigurement.

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Frank L. Branson, The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, P.C. Dallas, TX

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