Note:  The names of the clients in these case summaries have been omitted in order to protect their identity.

Construction work was ongoing on a major highway in western North Carolina.  A husband and wife were stopped by a flagman just over a rise in the highway.  A speeding tractor-trailer topped the rise and was unable to stop before crashing into the rear of the couple’s car.  The husband suffered relatively minor injuries, but his wife suffered severe orthopedic injuries which required surgery and a long rehabilitation.  By the use of various experts, we were able to show that the truck driver had adequate warning of the upcoming construction and should have had ample opportunity to stop his truck safely.  We were also able to show by extensive document review that driver fatigue was a contributing factor to the wreck.   We recovered damages from the trucking company that fully compensated the husband and wife for the injuries and damages they suffered.

Plaintiff Attorney:  Guy Crabtree, Esq., Pulley, Watson, King, Lischer, PA, P.O. Drawer 2600, Durham, NC  27701

Putting the Brakes on Unsafe Trucking Companies