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The plaintiffs were a father and son who were going on a fishing trip. As the father was driving on Route 1-91 in Middletown Connecticut their car drove into the rear of the defendant's flatbed truck. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant truck driver was driving below the minimum speed limit without adequate rear lights. The plaintiffs specifically alleged that the truck driver:

  • drove too slow;
  • failed to keep a proper lookout;
  • drove recklessly under existing conditions;
  •  failed to keep his vehicle under control,
  • failed to observe his surrounding;

(f) failed to display proper lights.

The defendant argued that the driver of the plaintiffs' car was intoxicated and that he was the sole proximate cause of the accident. The driver of the plaintiff's car reportedly had a blood alcohol level of .20.  The father sustained a traumatic
brain injury and the son was killed. The son was the father of two little boys. When the case was called for trial it settled for the policy limits. A settlement was structured to provide lifetime payments to the brain-injured father, and guaranteed college tuition payments, lifetime annuities for both grandchildren.

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The surviving plaintiff sustained permanent brain damage.

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