Note:  The names of the clients in these case summaries have been omitted in order to protect their identity.

Our client, a successful realtor, was on her way to a meeting when a tractor-trailer crossed the center line in a curve on a rural road and hit her head-on.  She was seriously injured and spent several weeks in the hospital and then spent several months in rehabilitation.  She never fully recovered from her injuries.  Through the use of extensive discovery, we were able to determine that the driver had exceeded his allowed driving hours; and by obtaining information from the tractor –trailer’s on-board computer, we were able to prove that the truck was speeding as it entered the curve.  We were able to recover full compensation for our client which included payment of all of her expenses for her injuries as well as future damages for her permanent injuries and her inability to earn the amount of money that she was earning when she was injured.  Two of our witnesses were members of the state board of realtors.  These witnesses were able to offer testimony about what our client’s earning potential was and how her injuries affected her ability to perform the duties required of a realtor.

Plaintiff Attorney:  Guy Crabtree, Esq., Pulley, Watson, King, Lischer, PA, P.O. Drawer 2600, Durham, NC  27701

Putting the Brakes on Unsafe Trucking Companies