Note:  The names of the clients in these case summaries have been omitted in order to protect their identity.

Our client was the wife of a tanker driver.  She was riding with him on a local trip.  As the tanker driver approached an intersection, a pick-up truck pulled out in front of him and a collision occurred.  The collision caused the tanker to overturn, slide down the road and crash into a bridge abutment.  Our client suffered catastrophic orthopedic injuries which required several surgeries and a long rehabilitation.  We brought claims against both drivers.  Through the use of expert engineers, we were able to prove that the tanker was speeding as it approached the intersection and that the speeding was one of  the causes of the wreck.  While the lawsuit was pending, the tanker company when into bankruptcy, and on top of that, their insurance company went into bankruptcy (receivership) as well.  So, after our recovery for our client, much time, energy and work went into collecting the damages we had recovered for her.  We were involved in legal proceedings in North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania with the drivers, the tanker company, and the insurance company.  Finally, after years of litigation, we were able to recover damages for our client to compensate for all that she had gone through.

Plaintiff Attorney:  Guy Crabtree, Esq., Pulley, Watson, King, Lischer, PA, P.O. Drawer 2600, Durham, NC  27701

Putting the Brakes on Unsafe Trucking Companies