Edward J. Schneider Jr. v. Curtis Warr and Swift Transportation Co.

U.S. District Court, Western Missouri District

Nov. 30, 2007

Plaintiff's attorneys: Jenifer M. Placzek and Mathew W. Placzek, of the Placzek and Francis firm in Springfield

Defense attorneys: James Jarrow and John Watt, of the Baker, Sterchi, Cowden and Rice firm in Kansas City

A car accident involving a semitrailer in Howell County has resulted in a jury award to the driver of the minivan in the collision.

Driver Edward J. Schneider Jr. of West Plains filed the lawsuit against Curtis Warr, the semi's driver, and Swift Transportation Co., following the May 2006 crash on U.S. 63.

Schneider's attorneys were Jenifer Placzek and Mathew Placzek of the Placzek and Francis firm in Springfield. They said Schneider was slowing down to make a right turn off of the highway when the semi crashed into his van from behind. Schneider suffered a broken pelvis, three broken ribs, and wounds to a lung and the head, along with cuts and bruises. He was hospitalized and underwent surgery for his pelvis and lung. He later needed hip replacement surgery and physical therapy.

Attorneys for the semi's driver and the trucking company admitted liability during trial. After a five-day trial, the jury returned a verdict, finding the van's driver to be 1 percent at fault. Jurors agreed with the company that the van's driver was at least partly to blame for not wearing his seat belt in the crash. Under Missouri law, jurors can only assign up to 1 percent of fault for not wearing a seat belt.

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