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Wynn Christensen, husband of Helen Christensen, Deceased, Sheila Hartley, Jennifer Hill, Eileen Banner and Daniel Banner, surviving children of Helen Christensen, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. William  S. Lemaster  and Sanleco Inc, Defendants.


U.S. District Court for the State of Idaho

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B. Lynn Winmill, U.S. District Court Judge

Significant Legal Issues or Holdings:

Plfs’. Motion to Amend for Punitive Damages against the driver as well as the trucking company was granted by Federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill. 

Defs. argued comparative negligence, claiming there was no way for deceased not to have seen the stopped and lighted trailer unless she was distracted by her cell phone use. 

Plaintiff Characteristics:  age, work history, earnings, family, etc.

Helen Christensen was a 58-year-old married school teacher.   She was the mother of five adult children. 

Liability Facts:

Mrs. Christensen collided with a stationary semi-trailer that was blocking the entire roadway on Idaho Highway 20/26, a two-lane 65 mph rural road.  Mrs. Christensen died as a result of her accident injuries.  The 7:10 a.m. collision occurred while it was still dark, but the trailer was fully lighted, had its 4-way flashers going, and met all legal conspicuity requirements.  Deceased had been talking on her cell phone just prior to the wreck.  Plfs. alleged Def. driver was attempting to make a U-turn and the maneuver was physically impossible to accomplish.  Plfs. also alleged the truck driver was disqualified, based on driving record, and should not have been hired. 

Describe Physical Injuries by Plaintiff:

Wrongful death

Plaintiff Experts & Specialty (Name/Address/Phone)

Tom Fries, Accident Reconstruction, Portland, OR; Dr. Richard Gill, Human Factor, Spokane, WA; Arthur Atkinson, Trucking Safety, Glendale, AZ; Walter Kosmatkia, Illumination, Highland Hts., Ohio.

Defense Experts & Specialty (Name/Address/Phone)

Dennis Andrews, Accident Reconstruction, Tooele, UT; James Harris, Illumination.

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