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Full Case Name:

Lee Gilbert v Landstar Inway, Inc.


17th Judicial Circuit Court, State of Illinois

Case Number:

2002 L133


Significant Legal Issues or Holdings:

Plf. was an Idaho resident; collision occurred in Nevada; driver was from Canada; trucking company had a principal place of business in both Illinois and Florida.  Plf. chose to sue in Illinois because its Supreme Court had recently declared tort reform legislation unconstitutional. 

Plaintiff Characteristics:  age, work history, earnings, family, etc.

Plf. was a self-employed private investigator who had not worked for one year prior to the MVA (due to losing his voice).  Plf. was in  his mid 50’s.

Liability Facts:

Defendant’s tractor-trailer crashed into Plaintiff’s vehicle which was the last car in a line waiting for a pilot car. 

Describe Physical Injuries by Plaintiff: Neck, upper back, low back pain; right knee, right elbow; right ankle;  blurred vision; sciatic nerve injury, leaving him with significant sensory and motor loss over  the left lower extremity;

Plaintiff Experts & Specialty (Name/Address/Phone)

Arthur Atkinson, trucking safety, Glendale, AZ; Dr. Robert Friedman; Tom Fried, Accident Reconstruction, Portland, OR; Mary Barros-Bailey, Life Care Plan, Boise, ID; Lee Barton, Vocational Evaluator, Boise, ID.

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