Tractor Trailer Fails to Stop

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NO. 9910696 (07/2000)


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Sex: Female

Age: 36

Occupational Field: Transportation-vehicle rental

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A 36-year-old car rental company employee suffered a shattered right elbow resulting in limited use and lifelong pain, a cervical strain and a left hand contusion when a vehicle in which she was a passenger was struck by a vehicle owned by the defendant and operated by a non-party, at a controlled intersection. The plaintiff contended that the non-party driver failed to stop for a posted traffic signal. She further contended that the defendant was negligent in their policy of paying drivers based on the amount of product delivered. The defendant denied liability but agreed to a settlement with the plaintiff.

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David Stopper; Tractor-Trailer / Truck Expert; Accident Reconstruction; Manassas, VA

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Frank L. Branson, The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, P.C. Dallas, TX

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Frank L. Branson

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