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The plaintiffs were both 72 years old at the time of the accident and they were on vacation in Maine. The plaintiffs were leaving the Walmart parking lot at a marked intersection with overhead signal lights. The light had turned green and the plaintiffs' car was halfway through the intersection when the defendant truck driver ran a red light and totaled the plaintiffs vehicle. Eyewitnesses confirmed the fact that the truck driver ran a red light.

At the accident scene the tow truck driver noted that there were broken leaf springs on one of the rear axles. A Commercial Vehicle Truck Weight Trooper was dispatched immediately for a full investigation. A Federal Department of Transportation investigation was conducted and blood and urine samples were obtained. Driver was arrested for allegedly "Operating with a Falsified Log Book." The Trooper also issued citations to the company for allowing a driver to operate without a valid medical certificate; allowing a driver to operate an unsafe motor vehicle and allowing a driver to operate with excessive vehicle weight. State Police then contacted Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The truck driver and the company received statutory fines and the driver's license was suspended.

The centerpiece of the plaintiff's settlement brochure was an animated reenactment of the accident and a day in the life video depicting the plaintiff in the rehabilitation hospital.

Significant Legal Issues or Holdings:

Jurisdictional issues concerning suit by Massachusetts residents against Canadian trucking company and Canadian driver for an accident that occurred in Maine.

Plaintiff Characteristics:  age, work history, earnings, family, etc.

Married couple, age 72.

Liability Facts:

Defendant truck driver ran a red light.

Describe Physical Injuries by Plaintiff:

Skull fracture; aortic tear and multiple traumatic injuries

Describe Special Damages by Plaintiff:

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Gerard D. Murphy, Accident Reconstruction Expert Accident Reconstruction, Inc. 45 Eastern Point Drive, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

(508) 791-2870

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